Go on the Sunrise Bike Tour to Haleakala

Maui Bike Co. does an amazing adventure trip to Haleakala Volcano. You have to wake up in the middle of the night to head to Haleakala and drive to the top, but it's a great experience! At the peak of this extinct volcano you watch the sunrise from high above the clouds. The clouds and light changes frequently as the sun comes up, changing the shapes and colors of the sky. Bundle up for this experience, it's cold and windy so I recommend bringing a beanie, gloves, and layers. Even if it's 80 degrees at sea level it will be cold at 10,023 feet.

The mountain bike tour drives you to the top, then equips you with helmets and bikes to start an exhilarating trip downhill for 23 miles! You can take your time and stop for breakfast along the way. If you're an adventure junkie like me, this is way to do Haleakala!