Below Paris Lively Streets Lies a Facinating Underground Cemetery

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Let me start this post by saying that I went to France 3 times before seeing the catacombs. The first time, I didn’t know they existed (I was 21 and never planned anything). The 2nd time, we tried to go on a Monday when it’s closed. The 3rd time they under construction. So FINALLY, the 4th time my husband and I made it a priority. Well, kind of… we still getting get advanced tickets which meant waiting in the line for an hour in the winter to get in. Don’t make this same mistake!

Tips: Get tickets in advance, you’ll skip a massive line

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I’ve always been intrigued to see the catacombs, an entire underground tunnel filled with the skeletons of over 6 million people. Originally these were quarries, and eventually they became a mass gravesite when the city realized it was overflowing and needed to relocate the dead.

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We walked down, down, down into the cold tunnels of death. The ceilings are low and some hallways narrow, and all you can hear is echoes and the faint drops of condensation. After a long hallway you reach the bones, stacked very orderly into patterns. If you get the audio guide you can learn more about the catacombs and Parisian history along the way. I definitely recommend a visit to this very interesting destination, a fascinating experience in Paris’ underground.

Tip: Bring a jacket, it gets cold 5 stories below the earth’s surface

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