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2 Days in Toulouse

2 Days in Toulouse

Toulouse is “pink at dawn, red at midday, mauve at twilight.” The city is made mostly of brick and so it’s known as la vie en rose, a gorgeous and lively metropolitan.

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Couvent des Jacobins

This gothic church and monastery was began construction in the 13th century. We walked into the brick building to striking high vaulted ceilings with accents of red and green paint. The light coming through the stained glass window reflects colorful lights onto all of the tall pillars. It was quiet except for the hum of tranquil music. Also, since it now serves at a museum housing artwork, an artist had installed a rainbow of neon drop pendants. The juxtaposition of old and new looked stunning.

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Ma Biche sur Le Toit for drinks

This bar is hidden on top of a department store, and while the outdoor decor and service are not top notch, the views make up for it. We arrived here just before sunset and were fortunate enough to watch the sky light up in an array of colors over this beautiful brick city. In the distance you could see countless cathedrals with spires and bell towers rising up into the vibrant sky.

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Les Caves de la Maréchale Restaurant

We made a reservation for Les Caves de la Maréchale, located in an underground cave with a romantic atmosphere. It’s an upscale restaurant with 3-5 course options. We tried the foie gras, escargot, and an interesting twist on a gnocchi. All were amazingly delish!

Creative Cocktails at Fat Cat

Fat Cat is near the main square of Toulouse, but you’d pass right by it if you didn’t know it was there. It has a cool 20’s speakeasy vibe, with really unique cocktails. I enjoyed the laid back vibe, dim lighting, and old piano bar vibe. Cocktails are a bit pricey, but if you’re into mixology and velvet chairs, you must visit.

Victor Hugo Market

Marche Victor Hugo is an indoor market where you can browse the aisles of a variety of meat, cheese, seafood and more. There are little bars where you can post up for a beer or glass of wine. This seems to be the locals like to do. We followed suit and stood at a bar for a beer and a mini pizza. I noticed a lot of people ordered charcuterie platters at this market also. It’s a nice little stop for an afternoon if you want to avoid another sit down meal.


Pont Neuf Sculpture

Pont Neuf is a 17th century bridge. In 2017, Toulouse artist James Colomina created a sculpture to reside within the bridge. The red boy in the ass's bonnet symbolizes the city’s outcasts. Go to the bridge to see if you can spot him!

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Cafe Des Artistes

This is a casual spot to grab a beer and people watch while overlooking the river.

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Toulouse is a great city to wander around. There are countless cathedrals, and amazing bars and restaurants. While we were there, there were in the process of restoring all of the old town to try and make the city a UNESCO heritage site. They were laying bricks, and renovating churches, making the city even more beautiful than it already is.

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