Off-road through the Red Rocks in Sedona

Riding ATVs or buggy's through the Sedona wilderness is exhilarating. We rented from Sedona ATV, and riding as a pair made it easier to navigate over having our own ATVs, but both options are super fun! Sedona ATV provided us with a turn by turn map to follow with images of the markers to follow specific trails. The first trail led us to Palatki, site of Indian ruins and pictographs etched into the red rock walls. The trails are really amazing, and not too crowded (at least while we were there in March). We zoomed through the trails, and went slower though some more technical sections. If you have no previous experience off-roading it can be intimidating. It was intimidating for me at times even though I have done my fair share of off-roading. It made it all the more fun tackling these challenges. We moved along to Boynton Pass, where we zoomed through the colorful canyons, red rock pinnacles, and high mountains. I highly recommend getting off road in Sedona!

Location: Sedona ATV and buggy rentals