Coachella: Bailey Hats

2016-04-26 14.51.46.jpg

Another year, another Coachella. This year, the highlights for me were dancing to Empire of the Sun alongside Paris Hilton. Empire has an incredibly theatrical style of performance that involves intricate costumes, choreography, and psychedelic visuals. Lady Gaga slayed Saturday night with her stage presence. She brings together all the vibes of a forever star with her energy and connection with the audience. Hans Zimmer was a game changer for the Coachella crowd. He brought an entire orchestra to the stage and showcased songs like "Circle of Life" from Lion King, "Now We Are Free" from Gladitor, and more from movies like Interstellar, Inception, and The Dark Knight. 

I was excited to take Bailey's Cudmore Hat with me to Coachella weekend one as the perfect accessory. This two toned style is western inspired, and hand woven in Ecuador. It's 100% my style, a little bit of southwest, a little latin influenced, and perfect for any of my many trips I take out to the desert. 

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Backstage with my dates.

Backstage with my dates.