Visit the Mysterious Giant Rock

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This is quite literally a giant rock in the desert. According to most sources it's the largest freestanding boulder in the world at about 7 stories high.

In the 1930's a German immigrant named Critzer dug a 400 square foot home for himself directly beneath the giant rock. Unfortunately, his German origin and radio antenna led people to believe he might be a spy, and a police raid was made on his cavern. Supposedly when authorities attempted to extricate Critzer by shooting tear gas canisters into his cave, one accidentally ignited a small store of mining explosives and blew him up. It turns out Critzer wasn't a spy, he was just a loner.

Critzer’s friend, Van Tassel, opened an old airfield at the Giant Rock in the 1950s, naming it Giant Rock Airport. Van Tassel believed in extraterrestrials. He started holding meditation sessions in Critzer’s old home under the Giant Rock. Van Tassel claimed to receive information for the construction of a fantastic machine inspired by a meeting with alien life and ideas from scientists like Nikola Tesla, which inspired the construction what was to be a “rejuvenation machine.” It was dubbed “The Integratron.”

Giant Rock is just a short distance from The Integratron, where you can now book a soothing meditative sound bath. It's great place to explore the desert and imagine all of the interesting tales that precede this massive boulder. 

Location: Giant Rock, CA


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