Salvation Mountain: Site Redesign

A year ago I went on weekend excursion to the California Desert with two friends. We went ATVing, hiking, visited the Salton Sea, and then finally to see Leonard Knight's Folk Art masterpiece, Salvation Mountain. I had been once before back in 2010 and was moved by it's story. Leonard passed away in 2014, but his message of love lives on in this marvelous mountain that people from all over the world come to see, religious or not. Now the man behind the magic is no longer here, and so I wondered what would become of Salvation Mountain. It's the kind of structure that needs upkeep. 

I reached out to the organization that volunteers to preserve the structure, with the intent of creating a website to showcase it's beauty and Leonard's passion in a way that inspires visitors to the site, and donations to help keep it in tact for future generations to witness it's overwhelming grace. The preservation of such a work of art and love is worth saving. Leonard had said over and over again in the footage from years past to love each other, and hold that in the highest regard. The statement is simple, but profound. I encourage you to the visit the mountain, and hope that it moves you the same way it has moved me.