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Raden High Tech Luggage

Raden High Tech Luggage

5 amazing features of raden luggage

1. Built in charger

Raden has added a built in charging station to their luggage, which is the best feature by far, and really what makes it stand apart. If you're running low on battery without an outlet in sight, not to worry. Now you don't get stuck in a foreign country lost with no juice. Just plug your phone or any other devices chargeable by USB directly into the station near the top handle. Just remember when make a purchase to consider check or carry-on. If you get a check bag it'll be of no use to you if you get delayed and every outlet is taken at the airport. 

2. Syncs with iPhone app

Raden luggage has it's own app that syncs to your luggage for a few more nifty perks.

3. Location awareness

The app provides location awareness so you can track your bag. This could come in handy if your luggage gets lost or stolen.

4. Integrated scale

In other countries you are sometimes required to check or pay based on weight. You can check your app to give you an accurate read on an integrated scale before you head to the airport.

5. Lock combo

I like this feature as an extra precaution. I've had a few friends get things stolen in transit. The simple 3 digit lock combo makes it easy to open and close for an added layer of security when you're traveling. 

Photographer: Jessica Robles @shoots_with_jessica

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