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Canadian Road Trip 2013

Canadian Road Trip 2013

Here is a pictorial of a road trip my husband and I took in 2013. We started in Glacier National Park, Montana and drove to Banff National Park, then Jaspar National Park, and back to Glacier to fly home. The beauty in northern Montana and Alberta Canada is truly breathtaking. I will never look at another lake the same again after seeing the multitude of colors that exist when minerals suspend in water. 

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Lake Louise

Banff National Park

Canoeing Lake Morraine

Lake Morraine

A moment of rest and good beer

A moment of rest and good beer

Emerald Lake. No filter. Seriously.

Peyto Lake


Jaspar National Park, Alberta, Canada

Athabasca Glacier

The Ice Explorer


Glacier National Park, Montana, United States

Grinnell Glacier Hike, the most beautiful hike I've been on to date

Grinnell Glacier Hike

Many Glacier Hotel

Mountain man

Tasty beer

Great place to stop for a bite to eat.

Huckleberry Pie, nommy.

Wild Goose Island, Glacier National Park

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SoFar Sounds Poster Design: 02.27

SoFar Sounds Poster Design: 02.27

Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain