thredUP: Emily Henderson Holiday

Photos by Ashley Batz.

The holidays are upon us! For those of you who don't know, my money making job is as an Art Director for thredUP, an online consignment retailer in San Francisco. I was very excited to collaborate with our design team to Art Direct a holiday shoot with Emily Henderson, a stylist, New York Times Bestselling author, TV personality, and founder of a daily style blog. We squeezed two videos and four photo shoot concepts into a two-day shoot at her residence in Los Angeles. 

The first concept was based on the variety of dresses for the events you might go to around the holiday season. The three are based on being the hostess of a party, attending a holiday party, or going to a new year's event. I wanted to show off the fun and playfulness of Emily's personality by shooting stop motion. This way, we could create gifs for social media of her doing these actions, pouring champagne, playing with a garland, and serving up cake. 

We also shot video on day one that coincided with the thredUP "merry making" package that comes with all thredUP orders over the holidays. It's a cute pamphlet with gift wrapping ideas well as a sticker pack, and thredUP holiday gift tags that were made to be repurposed for your gifts. The idea is that all things can be recycled or repurposed, the same way in which previously loved clothing is given a second life at thredUP.

Behind the scenes. Photo by Ashley Batz.

Merry Making gifts with thredUP. Photo by Ashley Batz.

The Hostess Dress. Photo by Ashley Batz.

The Little Black Dress. Photo by Ashley Batz.

The New Year's Eve Dress. Photo by Ashley Batz.