Monogrammed Tote and Rockin' Booties

The Platform Culver City opened up recently, adding some more class and elegance to my surrounding neighborhood. Cannibal (gross name, I know) is a trendy restaurant with a rustic chic vibe, fresh mixed cocktails, and a great selection of beer. I also a huge fan of Blue Bottle for a cold brew after living in San Francisco for four years. There are a lot of places to sit and relax among the potted succulents and mid century modern chairs. The stores are pricey but fun to peruse the galleries and curated knick knacks.

This outfit is quite simple for a day of shopping. What can I say? I'm a tee and ripped jeans kind of girl. I'm pretty tomboyish when it comes down to it, so I try to dress things up with accessories like these buckled booties with heels, or a cute handbag like this beautiful monogrammed tote by Will Leather Goods. 

Clothing Featured:

Monogrammed Washed Linen Tote from Will Leather Goods
This tote is perfect for bopping around town. You can toss in your laptop, phone, and wallet with plenty of room for more. Will also has the option to monogram which is a nice touch for a personal gift.

Roscoe Booties from Baske California
Baske is my favorite shoe brand by a landslide. What can I say, they just get me. These feature a triple metal buckle.

Sunski Dipseas in Seafoam Slate
Of all my Sunskis, and I have a lot. These are my favorite. The green rims can add a pop of color to any outfit. Here, they breathe some life into a more subdued outfit.

Love Out Loud Jewelry
I really dig Love Life Jewelry because the simplicity makes them become everyday pieces. I basically wear my bracelets and gold bar necklace everyday.

Photographer: Jessica Robles @shoots_with_jessica

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