SoFar Sounds Poster Design: 09.09

Lately I've been trying to take on more projects that I really vibe with. I've always been incredibly moved by music. The rhythms and lyrics really enhance my passion to create. SoFar Sounds is an amazing volunteer based company that coordinates secret gigs in spaces all over the world. I first heard of them over a year ago and have since been to several shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles. It takes me to new neighborhoods and introduces me to new bands in an intimate setting.

I designed this poster for a show taking place in Hollywood. I found an old "Hollywoodland" image and manipulated it with a color halftone and a dark purple overlay. I wanted the SoFar logo to look like a neon sign so I applied and layered filters to achieve a glow. I'm hoping to do more of these soon and find my own style. It's bee a while since I've had a free flowing project so I need to rediscover my style. I hope you are all enjoying the last weeks of summer!