Ipsy August Prep School Campaign

Featuring YouTube personality Michelle Phan.

These last few months I've been working on Ipsy's August campaign "Prep School." It felt a bit out of my comfort zone since I've spent the last 4 years working on Sephora campaigns that were dreamt up far before coming my way to repurpose for email and/or social media. It was both daunting and incredibly exciting. The best way to learn is to dive in head first. I figured, what is there to lose? This was a great opportunity at my fingertips.

Lots of hours researching helped me better understand the mood and feel of the brand. And once I began developing the concepts around the photo shoot, I was so excited! Finally a project to remind me why I made the career choices I did, to be inspired and creative to the fullest. Looking back at the project, I couldn't be more proud. Are there things I would change? Sure, but that's part of growing as an Art Director. And guess who's working on the October campaign now? —moi. Sometimes it pays to get out there and get after it!