Downtown L.A.

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A few months ago I was at a Creative group dinner at a friend's house. We all met to discuss what we had been working on and where we were aiming to go in our careers. Coming out of the meeting photographer Stephanie Plomarity and I decided to collaborate on a few projects for our portfolios. Note to designers, photographers, and pretty much all creatives. If you want a particular type of job, and you don't have the experience to back it up, create that experience! In my career, I've worked on planning many product shoots, but lifestyle shoots also really spark my interest. I love browsing lifestyle brands, and thumbing through travel pictorials. And so, we began planning a few photo shoots on our own time and on our own dime. 

We began this process by brainstorming what it is we wanted to add to our portfolios. This downtown shoot was inspired by, a beautiful site filled with travel photography. Downtown Los Angeles has been in a state of transformation for many years, so we wanted to develop a pictorial to highlight some of those new gems of Downtown. There are now lots of amazing restaurants and bars, and freshly renovated condos and theaters. We got advice from friends on locations and scouted them out. We chose models and hired makeup and wardrobe artists. After planning for about a month we had the shoot mapped out for a day in December. As L.A. would have it, we got lucky and it was a gorgeous day in the 70s with the sun shining on us. Take a look at the full pictorial to see all the places we went to. 

Some takeaways from the shoot are to be careful shooting in December, there are Christmas decorations everywhere you have to try and avoid, or photoshop out. Also pack snacks and water, everything takes longer than you'd anticipate and you don't want any hangry models or colleagues. All in all, we are very happy with the outcome, I hope you enjoy it too! 

Click to view full Downtown L.A. Pictorial

Where we went:
Preux & Proper, Grand Central Market, Courage & Craft, G&B Coffee, and Pacific Electric Lofts.