Project  |  Downtown Los Angeles Pictorial

Photography  by Stephanie Plomarity  |  Design & Art Direction by Chrissi Hernandez  |  Makeup by Michelle Ranae  |  Wardrobe by Kym Fregroso  |  Hannah Rothblatt & Sean Reyes

A city center steeped in history, Downtown Los Angeles is enjoying a new state of transformation. Despite it's reputation for blight and homelessness, skid row and crime, DTLA is being celebrated as a cultural center for art, food, architecture and city living among the sprawling LA suburbs that have come to represent the region. Artists and entrepreneurs are reclaiming downtown as a place to work and live, encouraging the world to come and experience their diverse efforts. And, it’s working! Today, people from all walks of life are enjoying the blended space of downtown in a new way, celebrating it’s history and renaissance, grit and glory. 

Where we went:
Preux & ProperGrand Central Market, Courage & CraftG&B Coffee, and Pacific Electric Lofts.