California Girl. Citizen of the World.

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my travel blog, a passion project I began in 2015. I’m a digital creative director and airbnb host living, working, and (constantly) playing in Los Angeles, CA. I strive to create beautiful content to inspire you to travel, adventure, and stay creative and open minded about the world.

Since my first flight at the age of 18, I have traveled to over 50 countries. When I was 21, I was cast in a reality show that took me on a 2 month tour backpacking across Europe. After that I was hooked. Post college I took all the money I saved and moved to Costa Rica for 6 months to experience a new culture in a fully immersive way.

When I’m not art directing and designing from my home office, you’ll find me traveling across the globe, hiking or biking with friends, diving warm waters, or watching live music. I’m passionate about exploring, whether that means visiting a new city or country, going on a local hike, or discovering new inspiring tunes. My most recent obsession is creating airbnb experiences and obsessing over home decor. I truly appreciate life, and all the experiences the world has to offer.

Top Travel Experiences

My Biggest Adrenaline Rush

Interlaken, Switzerland

I went canyoning, white water rafting, and did the 2nd highest bungee-jump in the world. All in one day.

My Happy Place

Maui, Hawaii

The beautiful beaches, clear blue ocean, surf culture, and chill vibes make me feel calm and fully content.

My Most Memorable Trip

Kenya, Africa

Seeing lions, elephants, zebras and all the beautiful animals in their natural setting was surreal.

My Future Home

Madrid, Spain

I would love to move to Madrid to learn fluent Spanish and travel with ease around Europe.